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Garett and Allysa


Preserving a living legacy to the memory of Garett Hill, who used his goodness to help make the world a better place.

We depend on your support in order to improve the lives of children and bring more goodness to the world. Join us today to get involved or learn more about our donation options and volunteer opportunities.


“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”


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Small Grants, Large Goals

Garett Patrick Talve Hill was 29 years, 3 months, and 4 days old when he died suddenly and unexpectedly in May 2021. He was just at the beginning of his life of service, as an attorney in Los Angeles, with big dreams of how he would make the world a better place. This foundation is his legacy, and it is our goal to invest in projects that exemplify Garett's vision for goodness -- to improve the lives of children around the world.


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Helping to Make the World a Better Place  

The Garett Hill for Goodness Foundation is a fully licensed and accredited 501(c)(3) charitable organization (EIN #: 87-1748978), that was formed shortly after Garett’s passing.


Its mission is to provide seed funding through small grants that will encourage grass roots efforts to improve the lives of children around the world. Our first grants were just issued in January 2022, on the weekend that would have been G’s 30th birthday. The board of directors granted donations to the following causes with support of up to $10,000 in funding each:


  • Claremont AYSO -- This is where Garett got his start playing and loving soccer.

  •  -- A human rights non-profit to ensure that every American has clean drinking water. 

  • The Water Project ( -- They build wells and provide tools for supporting community leaders.

  • -- An American nonprofit developmental aid organization resulting from the merger between H2O Africa Foundation, co-founded by Matt Damon, and WaterPartners

Help us learn about projects you know of that deserve our support. We'd love to hear your ideas of how we can help make Garett's dream a reality and bring more goodness to the world.

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Bringing Hope One Project at a Time

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One of our goals is to directly or indirectly improve the lives of people, especially children, around the world. Whether it is supporting reliable clean water supplies in developing countries or providing playground or sports equipment in local cities and towns, Garett’s dream was to make a difference. He didn’t have enough time on Earth to realize his goals, but the foundation in his name will carry on his efforts in his honor.

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Garett recognized the importance of bringing hope to disadvantaged children. He believed that when a young person realizes that they aren’t alone in the world, they become part of the larger community of hope.  It is the goal of the GHFG Foundation to grow this community of hope by combining the optimism, curiosity, and passion of youth with their growing life skills. We may not solve the problem today, but we have hope that together we can help bring us one step closer to solving it someday.


You Can Make a Difference

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The Garett Hill for Goodness Foundation will spend its resources wisely, providing seed money to worthwhile projects and initiatives that align with our mission.  We would very much appreciate your support. It’s easy to donate and most importantly, it can make a major difference in the lives of many who are in need.


HOW TO DONATE:  Is it easy?  What payment methods can I use?


If you are unable to monetarily support The GHFG Foundation, we encourage you to volunteer your time. We’re still in the early stages of developing plans for community outreach with our initial financial grants and we would love to have your participation. Get in touch with us today to discover how you can get involved.


Thanks to everyone - golfers, volunteers, and sponsors - for participating in a very successful event in honoring Garett and raising money for charity:

The 1st Annual Cherry Pie Invitational Charity Golf Tournament

Visit our event site for more info or sign up to secure your spot for 2023!



Charity Begins in Your Heart

When Garett was tragically taken from us, our hearts were broken and our lives were permanently altered. Inspired by the love we all shared for G, we -- his friends, relatives, and colleagues -- have banded together to keep his spirit alive by doing good works and supporting deserving projects.


Find out how you can get involved, starting with our flagship annual fundraiser in Jan 2023, The Cherry Pie Invitational Charity Golf Tournament [REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN]. Every little bit of help helps and we will continue this important work in Garett’s honor.

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The 2nd Annual Cherry Pie Invitational Charity Golf Tournament
The 2nd Annual Cherry Pie Invitational Charity Golf Tournament
Jan 28, 2023, 9:00 AM PST
Cimarron Golf Resort, Palm Springs,
67707 30th Ave, Cathedral City, CA 92234, USA
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Want to ask a question or request more info? Get in touch with The Garett Hill for Goodness Foundation today to discover more about our work and events, learn how to donate or get involved, share a project that deserves our support, or give us your ideas of how we can honor Garett by bringing more goodness into the world.  We thank you for your message and continued support.

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Address (please send donation checks to):

The Garett Hill for Goodness Foundation

46542 Bradshaw Trail
La Quinta, CA 92253



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Read all about us and happenings in the community

The Garett Hill for Goodness Foundation is a new charity and as such we are very much interested in identifying projects that are worthy of small grant financial support or community involvement. By making a donation or subscribing below, we’ll notify you of any news or announcements and keep you informed about our upcoming activities and fundraising events.

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July, 2022

The world’s problems won’t be solved overnight. But lives can be improved, hope can be offered and a difference can be made. Help us learn about projects you know of that are worthy of support. Give us your ideas of how we can bring more goodness to the world. Garett believed there were no bad questions except the ones that are not asked. We ask you now to help make the world better.

Garett and Mom


Arava Talve (Chairperson of the GHFG Foundation)

The last text message Garett sent revealed who he really was. He was a champion of everyone who needed a helping hand. He wrote, “You are stronger than you think.” The loss of a child at any age is so unimaginably tragic, but despite our grief, we have chosen to look up in hope rather than look down in sorrow and despair. It is Garett's strength that we seek to spread through the programs and projects we will support. Please join us.


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Pictures from the 2nd Annual Cherry Pie Invitational Chairty Golf Tournament 

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